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Transform Your Space with Flooring Excellence. Discover the Artistry of Faith and Grace Flooring. From luxurious vinyl planks to stunning hardwood installations, our skilled team delivers exceptional craftsmanship. Experience the beauty of engineered wood, laminate, tile, epoxy flooring, and more. We bring quality, durability, and personalized service to every project.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Durable and stylish vinyl flooring that mimics the look of real wood with easy maintenance.

Hardwood-sand and finish/install

Expert hardwood floor installation and refinishing services for a timeless and elegant appeal.

Engineered Wood

High-quality engineered wood flooring that combines beauty and durability for long-lasting performance.


Versatile and affordable laminate flooring options that offer a wide range of styles and patterns.


Beautiful tile installation for floors, adding aesthetic appeal and practicality to any space.

Epoxy Flooring

Seamless and durable epoxy floor coatings that provide a glossy, modern, and easy-to-clean surface.

Carpet/Carpet Tile

Soft and cozy carpeting options for residential and commercial spaces, including carpet tiles for added versatility.

Carpet Stretches

Professional carpet stretching services to eliminate wrinkles, ensuring a smooth and even appearance.

Custom Rugs and Binding

Customized rug design and professional binding services to create unique and personalized flooring accents.

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